Wisdom from the Batcave
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To me, the Batman is not a fantasy, but a guidebook of what I might strive to be, a measure by which I may gauge myself.

The world around us has lessons about what we can aspire to achieve, and you don’t have to look very far to find those lessons. These values can be found in the best comic books, and the very best comic book character is a character who has no super-powers at all and whose achievements are a direct result of his values!

That’s the secret of the Batman and the lesson of Cary Friedman’s Wisdom from the Batcave. At their best, comic books are about our highest aspirations, about sacrifice, love, trust, kindness, brotherhood, and, above all, being prepared. And, as it turns out [and we always knew], in comics, Batman is the spokesperson for these values.

Neal Adams

Why has the Caped Crusader endured so long as a paradigm of heroism in our collective consciousness? With his insightful deconstruction of the Dark Knight, Cary Friedman provides the answer by illustrating that above all else the most important item in Batman’s utility belt is a moral compass. Rabbi Friedman realizes that BruceWayne’s purpose-driven existence can also be a primer for any troubled soul to walk in the shadow of the Batman when facing the adversity and adversaries of this world.

Scott Beatty author, Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight and The Batman Handbook


In the 1950s much was made about the so-called immorality of comic books, but in fact, with rare exceptions, comics have always taught moral lessons – some obvious, some subtle. Wisdom from the Batcave perceptively shines a light on both kinds as manifested in the Batman mythos – an excellent book not just for fans of the Batman, but one to be given to anyone who doubts that there is morality, value, and yes, wisdom, in graphic storytelling.

Alan Brennert novelist, screenwriter, Batman writer


I thought I knew Batman, from years of writing him. I thought I understood how Batman and the real world related to each other. What I didn’t know was how much Batman and his code had affected me, until I read this book. A fascinating read, and a real eye-opener.

Ed Brubaker writer, Batman, Catwoman, Daredevil, and Gotham Central


Cary Friedman’s Wisdom from the Batcave is entertaining and inspirational. Drawing upon the entire Bat Cave-sized oeuvre, Friedman finds a path to follow in Bruce Wayne’s heroic reaction to the tragedy of his parents’ deaths and applies these lessons to everyday life. The book skips through Bats’ history with numerous illustrations that will have aficionados digging for their back-issues. An excellent addition to anyone’s library.

Mike Baron co-creator of Nexus and Badger

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